The Gospel of Loki
Book Cover Art for the novel The Gospel of Loki by author Joanne M. Harris

A new dynamic painting being offered for auction on Ebay with all proceeds going to benefit my youngest daughter's theater tech program at the public arts high school, LaGuardia, in New York City. Cecilia is a sophmore at LaGuardia and enrolled in their supportive and creative theater program.

End Time:

6pm EST/3pm PST
Friday January 11, 2019

24" x 18"
Oil on Panel
Varnished and framed in a black Shadow Box, ready to hang

This unique painting is created in oil paints and mediums on an archival, prepared ground. As with nearly all of my works, the combination of opaque and glazed application of oils creates a highly luminous and complex color surface only truely appreciated when viewed in the original work.

This oil painting was commissioned by publisher Simon & Schuster for the novel The Gospel of Loki by author Joanne M. Harris, and released in 2016. The painting features a historical interpretation of the mischievous god and hints at his heritage as a god of fire.

The image as used upon the book cover is with slight digital alterations which are not found in the final oil work

Any questions regarding the art or auction may be made directly to me at

It's difficult to talk about the art of Donato Giancola and remain objective. Despite the best intentions to be analytical and coldly disaffected when standing in front of his is simply not possible. There is so much passion, so much depth, and so much truth in Donato's paintings that the viewer can't help but get caught up in the stories his works tell. Simply put, among contemporary narrative artists, Donato Giancola is a master.

-Arnie & Cathy Fenner/Directors: Spectrum Fantastic Art

His oil paintings in particular reveal a master craftsman at work, exhibiting a realism that rivals that of Renaissance and Baroque painters.

Christopher Snyder on Donato's art, The Making of Middle-earth