" USPS Alan Shepard and Mercury Messenger Stamp"

each 6" x 9" oil on panel
© 2011 USPS

Two new First Class Forever stamps have been released by the US Postal Service on May 4, 2011.

It is an honor and thrill to have created and designed these stamps celebrating space expoloration and technology through individual achievements and the hard work of countless engineers and scientists. As a young man growing up in the dawn of the Space Age, I cannot help but be humbled by the beauty and mysteries uncovered on a yearly basis regarding our Universe and the desire to reach beyond the confines of our planet. My thanks to all those who have contributed to the development and success of our space program and inspired a new generation to push the limits of science to turn the dreams of the future into a reality.

Below is an image of a Mercury space capsule used during a test flight back in 1961 and now residing in the main exhibition hall at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, NY. This capsule formed the basis of my reference used to create Alan Shepard's Freedom 7 Mercury capsule in the stamp. Also on permanent Loan to the Hall of Science is my epic scale oil painting, Prometheus. Prometheus was created to celebrate human developments in technology and was the instrumental image which secured the stamp commission from the US Postal Service.