Artist Friends of Donato

Tony Diterlizzi
An incredibly gifted artist of science fiction, fantasy, and Caldecott Award winning children's books. Donato and Tony used to hang out together and sketch for many years here in Brooklyn.

Stephan Martiniere
One of the most gifted digital concept illustrators alive. Stephan has work on projects from StarWars to Myst.

Steve Ellis
An artist not to be missed in the comics world! Steve and Donato go all the way back to the comics club at Syracuse University where it all began.

Kinuko Y. Craft
Untouchable. One of the most stunning painters of Fairy tales alive.

Michael Deas
An inspiration to any realist painter, Michael's work ranges from the Columbia Artists picture logo, to portaits, to hundreds of book covers. Most likely you have licked one of his stamp portraits while mailing a letter.

Peter Gric
An amazing site from this european SF artist/painter.

David Mattingly
One of the first professionals who's work I fell in love with when I began reading SF novels. An inspiration to this day.

Joe Lacey
Children's product illustrator who's whimsical nature must be seen. Digital and traditional. Joe and Donato's friendship goes way back to Syracuse University.

Todd Lockwood
An incredibly nice guy, gifted painter and great resource for art information. He hides nothing and tells all when it comes to advice and technique. Check out his new book Transitions.

Un-Roen Manarata
A Belgian fairy doll and jewelry maker of the highest calibre. Check out her new book available on her website.

Alan Pollack
Produces some of the most unforgetable paintings in the book cover market today. Donato has one hanging in his home!

Alex Ross
is the most notable break through artist in the comics field today. Check out his book Mythology.

Justin Sweet
Top notch digital illustrator working in the concept and commercial illustration field.

Dorian Vallejo
Stunning portrait painter who used to work in the science fiction genre. His liknesses are unparalleled.

Michael Whelan
The talented top of the line cover artist and fine arts painter. It doesn't get ANY better than this...

The Devil's Candy Store
Exotic contraband from impossible worlds. Art, clothing, books and more!


The best in contemporary fantastic art. A massive annual collection of the top fantasy, science fiction and surrealistic art from all over the world.

Institute of Human Origins
An incredible paleontological site devoted to the science and eduction of the tree of human evolution. A reminder that all we do will turn to dust...or fossils.

The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, a wonderful resource of talent and advice.

The Art Renewal Center & Museum
An indepth site devoted to the craft of narrative picture making in the classical style.

Netherlands Magic Site