Original art is available for purchase from many of the exhibitions, commercial commissions, trading cards, and various other projects Donato has produced through the years. Items offered range from preliminary abstract sketches to the final paintings created in oils upon a protected 100% cotton paper ground. His art may be seen at numerous conventions around the country and frequently at the Society of Illustrators in the annual exhibitions held there.

Feel free to browse through the galleries for art available for purchase, or you may link to images from the list below.

Please contact Donato if you are interested in purchasing any of his works or commissioning him for a specific assignment.

A bit of information about Donato's technique.
After working through preliminary rough drawings, including abstract studies and free hand gesture drawing, Donato then hires models and extensively researches his subjects. From figures, costumes, props and numerous references, a 50% to 100% full-sized cartoon of the final composition in graphite/pencil on paper is typically created: various examples can be found within the gallery accompanying some images. The drawing is then transfered to a prepared panel support of masonite or birch veneer plywood. Oil paint is then applied upon this surface, mixed frequently with an oil medium. The surface provides a very smooth texture, ideal for rendering wonderful detail. The support is stable and archival: oil on gesso on wood. Further questions regarding his technique may be addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions section, or within techniques.

Purchase of original art does not transfer ownership of intangible rights. All commercial reproduction copyrights to the image remain property of Donato or their respective owners unless negotiated otherwise.

Shipping and framing of the painting(s) are to be paid for by the buyer unless negotiated otherwise.

You may also inquire about works for sale by Donato and dozens of other science fiction and fantasy artists at Worlds of Wonder.

Paintings Currently Available


Modern Masters
Perilous Research$7,000

Tideforce Elemental$3,500

Alara Reborn
Sigiled Behemoth$3,500

Shield of Kaldra$12,000

Cabal Surgeon$8,000

Urza's Destiny
Brine Seer(scholar) $9,000
Jasmine Seer(scholar) $9,000
Cinder Seer(scholar) SOLD
Ivy Seer(scholar) $9,000
Nightshade Seer(scholar) $9,000

Urza's Legacy
Rack and Ruin $9,000

Weatherlight Advertisement $18,000