2 oz Damaar Varnish (homemade)
1 oz Sun-thickened linseed oil
1 oz Venice turpentine

then add one of the following on palette while painting:
cobalt dryer
alkyd painting medium


Matte or Gloss medium
Retarder (optional)


Titanium White
Paynes Gray(
Raw Umber
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Umber
Terre Verte (Green Earth)
Cadmium Red Deep(
Cadmium Yellow Medium(
Cadmium Yellow Light(
Ultramarine Blue(*
Permanent Green(
Manganese/Dioxazine Purple(*
Greenish Umber
Sap Green*
Alizarin Crimson(*
Pthalocyanine Blue(*
Pthalocyanine Green(*
Cobalt Blue
Turquoise Blue(
Cadmium Red Scarlet(
Cadmium Yellow Pale(
Raw Sienna

Lamp Black
Cadmium Red Light(
Naples Yellow
Brilliant Yellow(
Indian Yellow*
Mars Violet
Brown Pink*
Chinese Red Vermilioned
Emerald Green(
Manganese Blue*
Davey's Gray

( Longer drying colors in Oil paint. Recommend dryer with these.
* Transparent colors excellent for glazing in oil paint.


Soft hair brushes are best for glazing : they allow a smooth and even layering of the color. Some of the best brushes for this application are ox hair flats, sable and squirrel hair (mix). All are available from Pearl Paint and Utrecht Art Supply in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3".

Sable watercolor brushes have the best tips for rendering fine details, sizes range from 000 and up. Rekab produces a fine and inexpensive sable brush of this type available at Pearl.